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Commission Painting

So I did my first large commission piece! It was super intimidating at first, but actually ended up being so fun and just reemphasized why I wanted to be a painter in the first place.

I wanted to write this blog to not only reflect on the entire process, but also to give insight on how to commission a painting from me and what that looks like.

The daughter of the person that commissioned this piece actually saw one of my paintings at Southern Antiques in Laurel and sent a photo to her mom of some of my paintings. (If you've never been to or heard of Southern Antiques, its a really cool store in downtown Laurel, and they have a section that they rent out just for local artists! They also have a ton of other good stuff too like home decor, antique furniture, bridal registry,etc.) Anyways so, from there she contacted me, and we discussed what she looking for, a size, a subject, and a price. She sent me some photos of other paintings that she liked and paintings that she had in home. She also sent me photos of the style and colors of her home.

After that, we met up face-to-face, so she could see what my paintings look like in person and further discuss what she wanted. We picked out paint swatches, and we went through my paintings. She pointed out some things that she liked and didn't like. I learned that this piece I was creating was going to go above the mantle of her fireplace and be a focal point in her living room (no pressure haha). She was also super awesome and brought a painting that she had in her home. I got to match the colors of painting and see them in person. It can be so hard to tell the actual color of things from photos, so seeing the pieces in person was so important.

However, actually meeting this client in person and forming a relationship with her was the most important part of the meeting altogether. It also gave me so much excitement to start the painting, because she was so excited to have to painting made. From the short meeting we had, I learned that she truly loved and appreciated art, and something about my style of painting and my art spoke to her on a personal level.

I also learned that she loved her home in Louisiana. She ended up sending photos of her home for inspiration for the painting.

I wanted to create a painting that would not only show case the beauty of her home, Louisiana, is playful and fun way, but also reflect the clients sweet and joyful nature.

Throughout the time I spent working on this piece, I would send progress pictures to the client, and she would say what she liked and what she wanted to add or take away. This was super helpful to have this communication with her, because it ensured that the painting was in the end going to be something she valued.

I also made a few studies before starting this pieces. The painting is 46 inches by 50 inches, so it's very large, which can be intimidating at first. The studies helped me to figure out where I wanted to go with the painting, without having to just jump in.

The entire journey of creating this piece, really just reopened my eyes to why I wanted to become a painter in the first place. I want to create things that bring joy to people and keep their attention and their interest. I want to create things that other people, not just me, connect with, understand or appreciate. I want to create things for people who support artists being alive and well enough to create things and explore themselves and be creative.

I am so happy with how to this piece turned out, and I really enjoyed the journey of creating it. I hope that when my client sees the piece in her home, she sees more than just a painting, but something that was created just for her and something reflects herself and her love for her home in Louisiana.

This journey also sparked my idea for my Mississippi Scapes series! The series will be released August 21st on my website!

Thanks so much for reading!


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