My prices are based on size and medium. 

Commissions can be made in ANY size. 


Shoot me an email if you would like a quote on a certain size.

What to Include in Your Commission Inquiry

Your colors!

Does you have certain colors in mind? You could go by Sherman Williams and pick up some swatches of the colors you want to be in your painting and include those in your email. 


Your medium!

I paint watercolor on paper and acrylic on canvas! If you aren't sure of the difference, I will be more than happy to send examples of both. 


Your subject matter! 

Do you like florals, abstracts or landscapes? 


 A painting of mine that you love!

 Even if the painting is the wrong colors or size, this will help me get a sense of your style and what you like.



Is this painting going in a certain room of your home? You could include some photos of the space, pillows, fabrics, rugs,etc.

 You absolutely do not have to include all these things in your email, but I find including these things or at least spending some time thinking help me create exactly what you are wanting! :) 

More about the Process for Commissioning a Painting


Free Consultation via phone, email or in-person to discuss what you're looking for.


If you decide to go through with commissioning a painting after the consultation, I will draw up a simple contract stating the terms for the commissioned painting. (timeline and deadline, cost, description of your envisioned piece, framing options, delivery/shipping agreement) 


I will retain the copyrights to the piece I create for you meaning that I am allowed to post photos of the work and use it in my portfolios. 


A 50% deposit of total cost of the painting is due in order for me to begin working on your piece.


The deposit is to ensure that my materials for creating this piece are covered. It is non-refundable. 


I will send you a small sketch of your painting before beginning on the final piece. 


I will ensure that you are happy with the direction the painting is going. 


As I work on the painting, I will send you updates and ask if there is anything you would like me to add or change. 


I want to be sure that you are 100% happy with your piece. 


The remaining 50% of total cost due when the painting is finished. Upon receiving the final payment, I will ship or deliver your painting. 


Shoot me an email at or give me call or text at 6015204763 to get started.

Examples of Past Commissions

Floral Commissions based off my series "Be Still"


Botanical Commissions based off my series "Bloom"


Watercolor landscape for a gender neutral nursery


Landscape Commission Inpsired by Photos

I like this painting, but... it's the wrong colors! 

I recreated a similar painting to "Cherry Blossom" and used colors that my client needed to match her home.

I like this painting, but... it's the wrong colors & size! 

I recreated a similar painting to "Lines and Flowers." My client needed a smaller size and different color and we added a little metallic gold! 

I like these paintings, but I need them in a different size and need a group of them. 

I created this set of 9 paintings inspired by 2 paintings I previously made. The paintings will be framed in acrylic in a large grouping!



Final Product


I love this painting, but I need it in a different size. 

I created this special commission based on my painting, "Psalm 121." The original painting was 20x20 inches, and the commission painting was 24x36 inches. 


A soft, neutral set of three botanicals. Commissioned to go in an entry. 

Landscape Commission


Botanical Commission