Home Town Season 4 Episode 13----The Keith Home 

Photo by Laura Good

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I want sourcing my art for projects to be as easy and as simple as possible, which is why these benefits are included for all designers in my trade program! 

  • 30% off any original painting you wish to purchase for a project or your shop (Prints are NOT included in this discount)

  • Shopping directly off my website at your convenience.

(The designers I partner with will not only benefit from the pieces they invest in, but also have access to source and shop anything in my inventory.)  

  • Priority commission placement.

(If you place a commission, you will always be first on my to-do list)

  • Exclusive first-looks at new paintings throughout the year. 

  • Commission price list

(Your client needs a 30x40 inch painting for their space, you have my exact price for that size on-hand to give them a quote)

  • 50% off a painting for your personal collection 

 (after placing 5 pieces)


Partnering with designers like you is such an amazing opportunity, and if we work together, I will do everything I can to be sure you are always 100% satisfied with my art & our partnership! 


If you have any questions for me, I'd love to answer them either by phone or email!

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