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Gift Ideas for Every Mom & Every Budget

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Fun ways to make your gift extra special!

I will demo-ing each of them LIVE Monday-Wednesday at 11am on Instagram.

Hand-made Card

I think our mom's are the only ones who will never get tired of us making them a hand-made card. There is something so sweet about taking the time to make something for the one you love rather than buying it. I think it also reminds them of all the things we made them when we were little and that we are still their babies.

Demo of these DIY cards will be Monday at 11am LIVE on Instagram!

Supplies needed:



(optional: dried flowers, string)


DIY Wrapping Paper

Again, I just the thought that counts! Taking the time to make their gift that much more special will always make them happy.

Demo of these DIY wrapping paper will be Tuesday at 11am LIVE on Instagram!

Supplies needed:

roll of paper/ newspaper/ plain wrapping paper


object to print with or brush/stamp

***house items like a clothes pin, old gift card, anything really can put fun to print with!***

(optional: dried flowers, string)


DIY Dyed Napkins/Tea towels/Tote

Demo of these will be Wednesday at 11am LIVE on Instagram!

Supplies needed:

tie-dye kit

something to dye (napkins, canvas tote, t-shirt)

***Be sure it is 100% natural fiber***

small blocks of wood

rubber bands



$25 & Under

These sweet unique silk ties are the perfect little happy and the perfect little accessory for summer. They are 6x12 inches and all $20.

There are some silk scarves that are all on sale! They are 25x25 inches. Tie them around your neck as a scarf, on a beach hat, or on your purse for the cutest pop of color! They are between $20 and $25 each.


Under $45

These painting are 4x5 inches and only $40 each. Add a simple white or gold frame, and they are ready to sit a shelf, side table, or be hung in any small nook. They also each have a different bible verse written on the back!


Under $60

These small landscape paintings are 5x7 inches and only $56. Perfect for a mom who loves nature!

These silk scarves are perfect for a mom who loves fashion and color! They are full of color and subtle surprises! These statement scarves will be a perfect accessory for summer!


$115 & Under

These soft and whimsical landscapes are $115 each. They showcase Mississippi's landscape and would be perfect for a Mississippi mom!

These would be great for mom who loves botanically inspired art, but with more subtle soft colors! They are 9x12 inches and $95 each.


Under $200

These fun color-packed florals are 18x24 inches and $189. They are perfect for a mom who LOVES color and all things floral. They also each have a different bible verse written on the back!

Thank you so much for reading!

Use coupon code 'ILOVEMOM' for 15% of your purchase now through Wednesday!

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