Awkward Space Turned Cozy Space

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

This room in my home is a space that I have really struggled to decorate. Our home is a three bedroom house, it's only my husband and I, and we have our bedroom, a guest bedroom and then this room. I thought I just wanted it be another traditional bedroom space, but I soon realized the awkwardness of the space because of the layout of the window and two closets.

After a few months of decorating/redecorate and arranging/rearranging, I finally realized I had to let go of the idea of designing a traditional extra bedroom. I felt like the furniture pieces that I had left after decorating the rest of the house and the overall layout of the room, fit more along the lines of napping/lounging/reading space rather than a traditional bedroom.

Soooo that's what it is now: a napping/lounging/reading space, and I like it so much more! Haha.

I started with deciding where I wanted to place the twin