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A Peek into My Home

I wanted to share a peek into my home.

If you have ever been to my home, I guarantee the next time you come something will be different. Furniture rearranging is a weekly thing for me. I am constantly moving knick-knacks around and rehanging pictures.

The reason I do these things is I want my house to feel like a home. A place where I can breathe, relax and just be myself. I want to love every part about my home. I want to fill it with pieces that I know I will keep and enjoy for years to come.

I wanted to share my dining space first.

I start every morning sitting at the table, drinking my coffee, reading, writing, praying, and watching the sun come in through it window. It is my space for my me-time, my space to breathe, and just be still.

Here is what it's filled with:


These curtains are a target brand, but I found them at dirt cheap for $1 each. I love them because they are a warm neutral pink. The hint of embroidered white lines along the top and bottom keep them from not being too simple. I like the weight of them. They are perfectly sheer and let the the light come through.

The curtain rod is from Tuesday Morning (around $15?) and the curtain rings are from amazon. I got a pack of 40 for $9! Both of these things were a deep bronze color that I spray painted gold. I noticed that the price of bronze/silver curtain rods and rings are normally half the price of the gold, so spray painting them with a $4 can of gold paint was definitely worth it. The gold curtain rod seems to brighten and blend with the room, and the dainty curtain rings make the curtains even more light and airy.


I got both of my fiddle leaf fig plants at Adams Nursery in Petal for only $20 each! They have so many beautiful plants for half the price than Lowes and Home Depot. I love being outside and having plants inside reminds me of that. Plants make a home feel alive.

The pots are from At Home. I think I paid $20 per pot. They are plastic. The shiny texture of them against the curtains, against the rug, against the plant is a great contrast.


My antique dining table is from the Flea Market on Hwy 49 in Hattiesburg. My older brother actually got it for my husband and I as house warming gift for only $85. I love the oval shape it has, but what I completely sold me on it was the legs! They are wonderful and unique.

All of my chairs are hand-me-downs from my mom and aunt. The wood ones were covered in a cheetah print fabric, so I gave them a fresh-funky update with some fabric I dyed a couple years ago. I loved adding something I made to a room. It makes it feel more like me and adds a personal touch.


My rug is a vintage turkish rug that I bought off Etsy for only $195. Normally a turkish rug this size would be at least $600 or more if purchases through a retailer, so this was a steal. It adds a traditional element to this room and I know I will always have a place for it in my home even if I move. I think thats an important thing to think about when purchasing something more expensive is the versatility of it. Can you use it in a couple of different spaces? Are the colors/style something that is a trend or something traditional that will never go out of style?


I found this chandelier at barn sale in Oak Grove that they have every October and May. I purchased it for $20!


The white table runner is also from Target, but again I bought it at Dirt Cheap for maybe $8? It has some simple embroidery that keeps it from being boring. The reason I knew I need a table runner was because my center pieces was almost the same color as the table, so it was blending in. The white table cloth shows it off.

The center piece on my dining table is from Tish Gammill in Hattiesburg. It was sweet wedding gift and I love it. I believe it is $165. Again, this is a more expensive piece, but I know I will always find a place for it in my home, and I will always look forward to filling it with flowers.

The art was actually free! (That being said, just because something is free doesn't automatically mean you should get it. Make sure you actually like it!) Haha. Some friends of my dad were moving out of a house and trying to empty it, so I snagged this beautiful painting that I think really just ties the room together. It unifies the color palette for the room with and creates a way to connect my dining/kitchen area to my living room area,which is has a lot of blue like in the paintings.


I'm still trying to decide what to hang on the opposite wall. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Sometimes I get in these moods were I just want to finish decorating. I just want to hang something up and be done. The truth is I don't think I will ever be finished decorating my home. I will constantly be changing, moving, adding and taking away, because I am constantly changing, my life, my style, my everything is constantly changing, But thats the beauty in it! My home gets to change along with me.

Your home is you! Choose things you love to fill it, don't be afraid to bargain hunt or splurge on a forever piece, don't rush the decorating process/you'll never be finished, and make it a place you enjoy being.

Thanks for reading!

Shelby Leigh Kizer

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