The Space Between

The idea for this series started from seeing my friend Chaney's oil pastel sketch on her Instagram. It was a beautiful little landscape, but the thing I noticed most about it was how to painted the sky between the trees. You could see the pop of blue just peaking through the green trees, and it was just lovely.

Chaney Cherry's Oil Pastel Landscape

I just recently got married and moved to Starkville, Mississippi. The view from the back porch is a lot different than it was a my parent's home. It is just a backyard with grass and fence. Just above the fence, you can see the green trees on the other side.

Chaney's sketch made me appreciate the space between the trees and the sky, and I started to paint just that! The phrase "the space between" just kept playing over in my mind, and I thought maybe this could be name of this new series. I still wasn't completely sold on it. Usually, when I start a new series, I feel like God just gives me this epiphany about the series and how it relates to my life. This series I just wasn't getting it. I just wasn't getting a lot of things.