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Enjoy the Season

I’ve been working on my painting series, Autumn Breeze, and it’s got me thinking a lot about change.

When I started this series, I was just thinking of the changes that fall brings.. the change of colors, change of season, change of weather. I was planning on creating this series solely based on those things, but it has become about much more than that.

I was reflecting on my work today, and I realized that I am in a season of change as well. I’m transitioning from a college student to an adult and wife-to-be. I’m trying to balance working full time, working on my paintings and art, spending time with friends and family, planning a wedding, and more. I am in this season of change and while it’s been pretty great, it has also been so hard and frustrating at times too.

I’m so ready to be at the part of life where I start to get things figured out. I’m tired of being in a place where I have next to nothing figured out. God has been dealing with me a lot about these things and what I believe He’s told me is “enjoy the season your in, no matter what that season may be.”

The paintings in this series are direct reaction to my changing life. The paintings are intuitive, exciting, hopeful, playful, and at times they look super unfinished. Ive learned to just go with it, instead of trying to make them something they aren’t. And I’m learning to do the same thing with my life as well.

I want to enjoy this season I am in now, rather than be unhappy that I’m not where I think I should be. Theses paintings are me letting go my expectations and just enjoying the journey of creating.

I’m so excited to share the entire series on October 18th!

Thanks so much for reading!

Shelby Leigh Gilliland

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