Mississippi Scapes: A Reflection


I just wanted to pop on here to reflect on my latest series, Mississippi Scapes!

Creating the Series

This was the first time I have worked in a series, and by that I mean, created a body of related work about one topic.

I absolutely could not do this when I was in college during my painting courses. I would start with one subject at the beginning of every course and change three times before the end. I would get so frustrated and instead of working through the problem, I would start over with an entirely new problem area.

When I started this series, I was so nervous I was going repeat what I had always done. I was afraid I would want to quit and start something new before I completely saw this series through. But this time it was different. I didn't have the pressure of creating to make a grade, which I think was a huge factor for me. I also felt so connected with this series. This was my series and it could be whatever I wanted it be.

The Power of Thumbnails

For those of you who don't know, a thumbnail is basically a small little painting or sketch that you can refer make to when you make painting. I make my thumbnails en plein air (outside looking and responding the landscape around me!)

I not only use my thumbnails as final works in my series, but I also get more paintings out of that one little painting! This was a huge deal for me! Instead of reinventing the wheel on every single painting, I could use that one idea and vary it a couple different ways and get multiple paintings from it. This was something my painting professor in college always talked about,but it just now clicked in my brain what she meant!

A few people that came to my show actually caught on to what I was doing, but thought it was interesting to see the subtle differences between the paintings!

Here are some examples of how a small thumbnail can translate in multiple paintings..