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11x14 inches

Payment Plan Available. Email to inquire.

Mixed Media on Canvas

Sealed with a Satin Varnish



This painting was inspired by a photo taken by Ashlyn in Kansas, where she grew up.   


"Every time I see a sunflower or wheat in a field, I am reminded of home."



Ashlyn's sweet spirit and strong faith were also a huge inspiration for this painting.


In 2018, I had a really small show in downtown Hattiesburg for my first painting series, 'Mississippi Scapes.' Ashyln just happened to be downtown and decided to pop in. She is a writer and ended up writing a sweet little article about the show and my art. Having someone care enough about my art and me to do that was exactly what I needed at that time. She also had a blog at time where she wrote about her faith. Reading her blog really inspired me to combine writing about my art and faith. Since then there has always seemed to be this bridge to connect my art to my faith. I know that Ashlyn is one of those special people that God has placed in my life to encourage both my art and my faith. 


Whoever ends up with this painting, I hope it encourages you in whatever way you need! 


Want to pay for a painting in installments? Send me an email at to inquire


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