No Worries?

I was talking to my older brother this past week about something I was worried about. We just finished a conversation about how as Christians we are supposed to keep each other accountable. After I told him my worry, he simply just said, well you know it’s a sin to worry too.

I wanted to defend my worry, like I have a right to it, but it really just opened my eyes to how comfortable I am in that sin.

I pray everyday that God’s will be done in my life. Yet almost every day I find myself worrying or anxious about something.

I know in my heart that God wants what’’s best for me, but actually living that belief out every day is hard. I say I give it all to him, but I keep a little worry for myself.

I was brought back to my "Be Still" series and reminded of what God spoke into my heart so clearly.

"When we put into perspective how mighty and how good our God is, bask in His Glory, pray to Him and read His word, it can drive the fear right out of our hearts and give us so much hope for the future. Our God will never leave us or foresake us"

Excerpt from my blog--"Be Still & Know"