Today, because Tomorrow isn't promised

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

When I started painting this series of landscapes, I knew that God had called me find the simple beauties in the everyday that often go unnoticed. He always challenges me to go further in my art and my faith, and this series was no different.

As I was sitting in church this Sunday, I could see Him connecting the dots from the book I'd been reading Everywhere Holy, to the sermon "A Prayer of Provision," to my new landscape series, to this crazy Corona virus. As I was taking my notes during the sermon and I was starting understand how He connected these seemingly unrelated things, I asked Him to show me a word that could tie all these things together. He gave me the word "today."

Everywhere Holy by Kara Lawler

"How can we see the gift our lives are if we can't learn to stand in the here and now, appreciating the gifts of the second, hour, day instead of projecting, planning, and just waiting for the next best thing?"

Excerpt from Everywhere Holy

This is question posed in Kara Lawler's book, Everywhere Holy. It's hard to do when you think about it. The day-to-day routines of life can become so monotonous and boring, and it's so easy to get into auto-pilot mode and not see the subtle moments of beauty that are all around us.