"My Kinda Spring"

With the release of "The Essence of Spring" has come this greater understanding of my life this past year and what the series truly means to me.

I thought I knew what I was going to paint for this series from the beginning, flowers of course! Springtime----flowers. It just made perfect sense. As I started I decided to brainstorm ideas about what spring means, God had something to show me during this time of exploration and reflection. For one, spring is much more than flowers.

Season of Waiting

Spring is a time of renewal. The things we thought were dead and gone in the winter, were actually just in a season of waiting until spring returned.

This hit so close to home for me, because I feel like I have been in this season of waiting, since I graduated last May.

Waiting to find a job.

Waiting to grow up and move out of my parents house.