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What Stops You From Buying Original Art?

What stops you from purchasing original art?

The most common answer seems to be that the price of original art is too high.

When people see the price of my art, I usually get one of two typical reactions. One being, they turn their nose up or laugh that anyone would ever pay that much for art. Two being, they see something they love, look at the price, envision where they would put the art, think some more, and decide if they want to purchase the painting.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with either of these reactions, but I also don’t think there is a price I could put on my art that would change that first person’s reaction. In most cases, it’s not the price that is too high. I think it all goes back to what they value.

Over last couple of years attending trade shows, I have seen a person look at one of my $50 paintings and say it costs too much money, and 10 minutes later go and purchase over $100 worth of clothes from another vendor. It’s interesting because it wasn’t spending $50 that bothered that person, it was spending $50 on that one piece of art.

I definitely don’t think anyone should buy something if it’s not in your budget or buy something that they don’t really want. Your hard earned money should be put towards things that you really care about and value.

But I have to ask, how much did you spend on that boutique dress that will only last a season or on that one meal for date night?

So now the question is: What stops you from purchasing original art? The price or what you value?

As artists and as collectors of art, it’s important to have these conversations with friends and family. I remember being on the opposite side of this conversation, and how my outlook on the value of art changed.

I would love to hear what your thoughts or opinions on this!

Thanks for reading!

Shelby Leigh Kizer

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