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Buy One, Get Two

If you've been eyeing one of my large statement pieces, this is your lucky day!

When you purchase a painting valued over $600 on, you get two paper paintings (11x14 inches & under) as my special gift to you! :)

This offer ends 12/21/2020.

These large paintings are also available to purchase on interest-free payment plans! Email me to learn more!

When you check out, be sure to type the title of the two paintings you want! Not sure which two you want, shoot me an email and I can suggest some options! :)

Here are some of my picks for how to mix and match, but you are free to choose whichever two you like!

Shop All Works Over $600


"Gerber Daisies II"

24x24 inches

Mix with "Girly I & II"


"Mossy Tree"

24x36 inches

Mix with "Peach and Sage I & II"


"Magnolia Leaves in Fall"

30x40 inches

Mix with "Magnolia Tree" & "Pine Tree"


"Wild Flowers I & II"

30x40 inches

Mix with "Mix I & II" or "Peachy Trees" & "Fall by the Pond"



30x40 inches

Mix with "Alaska I & II"


"Beginning of Fall"

24x30 inches

Mix with "Shades of Purple I & II"


"Cotton Candy Creek"

24x30 inches

Mix with "Small Palm Leaf I & II"


"Palm I-VI"

24x24 inches

Mix with "Pink Sunset" & "Blue Sunset"


"Psalm 121"

20x20 inches

Mix with "Lake" & "Marsh"


"Maine Squeeze"

20x24 inches

Mix with "The Brightest Red" & "Lemon Light"



15x30 inches

Mix with "Blue and Green I & II"


"Stowe Botanical Garden"

24x24 inches

Mix with "Periwinkle I & II"


"Pastel I & II"

24x30 inches

Mix with "Orange Beach Sunset I & II"


"Blue & Blush"

30x40 inches

Mix with "Live Oak Tree" & "Japanese Magnolia Tree"

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