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Art for University of Mississippi Medical Center

Over the summer, I had to opportunity to paint seven pieces for UMMC hospital in Jackson, Mississippi.

The lead architect for the project wanted calm, peaceful paintings for a waiting room where families would wait while their loved one was in surgery. She sent over the colors and fabrics that would be used in the space, but as far as the subject matter of the pieces, I was given free reign.

It was my biggest project to date ( five 36x48 inch paintings and two 36x36 inch paintings), but had so much creating these paintings that will hang in one of the waiting rooms at the hospital.

I ended up painting three abstract paintings, two landscapes, and two botanical paintings.

For the abstract paintings, I tried to keep them soft and calming with tranquil blues and greens with a hint of warmth.

For the landscape paintings, I chose to paint scenes from my home, but also scenes that were familiar enough that they could feel like home to anyone from Mississippi.

For the botanical paintings, I chose to painting magnolias since they are our state flower, but also because of the familiarity we have with them and how beautiful and delicate they are.

Here are the finished paintings below!

I pray that they will bring peace,comfort,and joy for many years to come for the families and patients who view them!

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