New Year, New Perspective

For the new year, I, like most people, set some goals for 2019. I set some goals that I wanted to achieve for my business. I set some of the typical, exercise more, eat better goals. Most importantly, I set some spiritual goals, like reading my bible daily and praying everyday. This past year was the first year that I have ever read my bible consistently, so I wanted to keep that up and build on that in the new year. 

On the first Sunday of the new year, our pastor challenged our congregation to a 21 day fast.  I had never successfully fasted anything before. I decided to fast social media for those 21 days. Every time I wanted to get on social media, I would pray/read my bible. This fast sparked a chain reaction, which let to these three specific goals I hope to achieve in 2019. 

#1 Get Rid of Distractions 

On  January 9th, which was the 3rd day of my social media fast, I was so shocked by how many times I would mindlessly open my phone and swipe to click on Instagram or Facebook. I actually had to move the apps to a different location, so I wouldn't accidentally just click on them from habit.  I wanted to get on social media at least 100 times over those first three days. Every time I had this want, it prompted me to pray. It has been my goal for so long to pray unceasingly in my mind throughout the day. Just buy replacing social media with prayer, I  prayed more those three days than I typically do in a week's time. I was and still am so frightened by this! I had been so wrapped up in this digital world that I was missing out on a closer relationship with God, who is the whole reason for my existence. I plan to change to way to use social media in 2019. I am also on the hunt for other things that are distractions in my life and how to get rid of/minimize them. 

#2 Stop Being Too "Busy"